dobaos and llsdk are two projects aiming knx network and Weinzierl BAOS 83x dev boards.

dobaos for BAOS App Layer, llsdk targets LinkLayer.

currently development is stalled. anyway, both projects works stable.

the things and ideas I wanted to implement but couldn’t due to different reasons:

  • terminal app that read device info: group addresses, params, etc
  • app to modify that info


compiled binaries for aarch64 and armv7 architecture download here

all I always did was:

then do dobaos/llsdk related stuff:

  • instal redis-server (used for interprocess communication)
  • find your system architecture with “uname -r” command
  • copy binaries from aarch64 or armv7 folder from tarball to /usr/local/bin
  • start llpub and keep it running.
  • if llpub started ok, open new ssh session(or use tmux) to start llnet
  • connect from ETS using NAT checkbox

alternatively, instead of starting llnet you can use llscan and llprog commands.

if everything went well, create systemd services to run as daemons.

some technical stuff